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Surf School - Incluided surf material
1 day lessons (5 hours with picnic)40€
5 days couses (25 hrs, picnic, pictures and diploma)180€
10 days (50 hrs picnic, pictures and diploma)360€
Semi-Private Classes40€
Classes for kids35€



Kitesurfing School - Incluided kitesurf material
2 days basic course (6 hours)180€
4 days full beginner course (12 hours)360€
1 hour extra30€



Hire surf equipment
 1 day1 week
Soft boards9€50€
Surfboards + wetsuit12€50€
Manal stand-up padlle surf: (9´0 y 8´4)25€150€
Bike Trek 3500, 3700, 390012€50€
Wetsuits: (O´nell, Rip curl, Xcell, Solas)5€35€

Kitesurfing in Famara

Famara beach is one of Europes kitesurf meccas, the beach offers a unique blend of wind, waves, spectacular scenary and low level crowds to please even the most demanding of kitesurfers.

Famara has become a year round destination for kitesurfing. Summer bringing more dependable winds but winter bringing some amazing big wave conditions. The weather in Lanzarote often runs in weekly cycles. One week will have winds the other not so much. This can be a perfect mix if you visit for two weeks as you will be able to see all the wonderful surf and kitesurf conditions that Lanzarote offers.

For experienced kitesurfers Famara in Winter can be mind blowing. Waves can get to double, triple overhead and even larger. You will need to have your starboard tack jumps well under control to get out back. Once behind the breaking waves you can wait for the set to come then take the drop of a lifetime as you surf the face of one of Famara's huge waves. Just one wave like this can make a whole trip worth while, but dont worry there will be many more.

Less experienced kitesurfers or newcomers to the sport can get some great kitesurf lesson in Famara town

Our bungalow provides the perfect location for a Kitesurfing holiday in Famara. The bungalow is located with perfect views over the beach, you can see if the conditions are good without even having to leave the house. The actual sea is only 400 metres from the accomodation.

The winds blow stronger and more consistently in the summer months along Famara beach making this the ideal time of year but winter can also offer good conditions. Once the summer trade winds kick in they bring consistent northerly winds across the beach creating a starboard tack on the way out. Average winds are about 18 to 20 knots but can be from 15 to 30. Waves size in summer is smaller, average waves being about chest to head high. If you want to kitesurf in massive waves then visit in winter, surf on low wind days and wait for the big swells and winds to arrive. You can really get the adrenaline going on triple overhead days. To get out back on days like this you will need some skill and timing for jumping over the incoming waves on your starboard tack. Getting back in is easier as long as you can hold a rail whilst going full speed down a massive face. You can come back in between sets to get a feel but for the full adrenaline you cannot beat full speed down a massive wave and then looking back to see the monster at full growl behind.

For beginners to kitesurfing Famara has several kitesurf schools located in the town of Famar that would be happy to hire you all the latest equipment and teach you enough to get you going on your own.

If you want to learn this great sport then you should get in contact with a Famara kitesurf school. This really is the best and only safe way to learn the sport. All equipment is included plus an instructor on a one to one basis or book into a group lesson. Modern kitesurf kites are very safe. You will learn how to control the kite on the beach first then take to the water.

In the Summer months on Famara beach there are much more tourists than in Winter and Kitesurfing is not allowed at the very beginning of the beach. To access the Kitesurf area of Famara beach you follow the road along the beach then up the side of the bungalows and over the back where it turns into a track, follow the road and it curves back down to the beach. Keep going along this track for abouty one kilometre until you see the signs for kitesurfing or other kitesurfer. The further along the track the better as far as the authorities are concerned, but the winds can be weaker and more gusty

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