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Surf School - Incluided surf material
1 day lessons (5 hours with picnic)40€
5 days couses (25 hrs, picnic, pictures and diploma)180€
10 days (50 hrs picnic, pictures and diploma)360€
Semi-Private Classes40€
Classes for kids35€



Kitesurfing School - Incluided kitesurf material
2 days basic course (6 hours)180€
4 days full beginner course (12 hours)360€
1 hour extra30€



Hire surf equipment
 1 day1 week
Soft boards9€50€
Surfboards + wetsuit12€50€
Manal stand-up padlle surf: (9´0 y 8´4)25€150€
Bike Trek 3500, 3700, 390012€50€
Wetsuits: (O´nell, Rip curl, Xcell, Solas)5€35€

Surfing In Famara

The surf in Famara can be enjoyed by everyone from rank beginner to expert barrell master. The waves break almost everyday of the year on Famara beach but do vary in size.

If you can surf already and are not too keen to go through the difficulties of transporting your board all the way to Lanzarote then maybe you should think about board hire. There are some great surf schools and shops just nearby

In general the summer months have smaller waves and stronger winds, this is the time when you can kite surf in Famara. Winter time is when the gulf stream driven low pressures bring the bigger swells and surfable waves. These waves arrive at the beach to a lesser, and often off shore, wind to delicately groom the waves into the crystal sculptures that every surfer craves.

The beach itself is sand bottomed with wave peaks all along the beach. In the town of Famara there are several surf schools and a couple of surf shops to help out with lessons and essential surf supplies.

The waves are generally smaller towards the left or south end of the beach, then get gradually larger towards the centre then smaller and more punchy at the far end. The far end of the Famara beach is known a 'papalios'. This part is accessible by car along the track that goes up over the back of the bungalows then curves back down the other side of the bungalow and along the beach.

If you are new to surfing and find yourself captivated by this amazing sport then maybe your are thinking about some surf lessons in Famara. This is the best way to get started in the sport. Learn about potential dangers, rip currents, equipment and the rules of the waves. You will be learning in specialised equipment that is designed to give you a more enjoyable and safer experience. The surfboards you will be given and more stable and softer. Safety staff will be watching your every move so you and your family can just relax and enjoy the surf.

For surfing Famara beach offers a better quality wave around high tide, the size increases slighty and the sand banks which effect the way the wave breaks have better influence on the 'peeling' quality of the wave.

The more experienced surfer can also find numerous other 'reef' bottomed waves in the close vicinity. Such waves as 'San Juan' 'the harbour wall' and 'El Cagow' are all visible from the bungalow.

The waves to surf in Famara:-

1 - Famara beach: These are sand bottom waves of basic to intermediate level. If you want to learn to surf in Famara this is where the surf school will take you. There is a good selection of surf schools in the town of Famara. Most of these can hire you equipment and give you all the instruction you need to get you started in this amazing and invigorating sport. On most days throughout the year Famara beach has waves suitable for the beginner surfer. The waves are slow and gentle, perfect for gaining confidence in the water. The waves on Famara beach break left and right and sometimes form tubes.

2 - San Juan: This is a reef bottomed left hand wave for advanced surfers. On its day this is a truly world class wave. It has large open barrells, long workable sections and an easy paddle back to the peak.

You will need to know what you are doing out here, be aware of what other surfers around you are doing and fully understand who has priority on a given wave in a given situation. On any good days the peak, or take off spot, will be dominated by local surfers. It is hard to get waves on days like this and patience is of the essence.

3 - Other waves that are a little less known in the Famara area are: El Kagow - this is a reef bottomed left that breaks just behind a little beach at the edge of town. Another is at the very southern end of Famara beach and works when many other places have too much wind effecting the wave.

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